If you would like to book video or photo for your wedding, or just interested to know what it costs, please check investment by the clicking here. Popular dates  often get booked up in advance so get in touch soon. Don't be shy!  


We can usually be found working in Europe from March to November, easily in Africa and Asia the rest of the year. 

And by the way we available only for 20 weddings each year, so do   not miss the opportunity to order us if you like our work, we will    be happy to capture your memories.    

My name is Mikhail Kohanyuk and this is my wife Tatiana. I'm a videographer, and she’s a photographer.... yes we found each other :) 

Hi, we glad to see you on our website.

About Us

Before you order us, you should to know a few things about us.

We love all what we do. We like traveling, communicate with people even if we  don’t know their language.We like watch a good movies, listen extraordinary music,  

and we constantly evolving. And  this is just a small pice of things what we like to do.   

I in top best the Videographer in the world by version WEVA.PRO

Award for first place in category BEST CAMERAMAN 2019

Well, if you read up to this point, it means that we have interested you. Tell me everything about you. About your plans for the wedding day. About your dreams, desires, about what you like. And we will make every effort to ensure that the result is above your expectations.